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Better Measure, Improve, and Get Paid for your Clinical Performance
MediQuire helps provider organizations demonstrably improve their clinical measure performance, identify coding opportunities, and ensure full and fair payment for the care they provide.

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Performance based programs are increasingly important in determining payments from payers and grants
Just a few of the many examples of performance related payments in ambulatory care:

per patient annually for performance on HEDIS measures


per annual wellness visit


per transitional care management


per prenatal care visit


per chronic care assessment form


per patient annually from HRSA for UDS performance for FQHCs

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Many providers are unprepared for this, and under-reporting and under-coding of performance are chronic problems
Example Under-Coded HEDIS Measures from an Actual MediQuire Client
87% percentage-point under-coding of Diabetes A1C Test
77% percentage-point under-coding of Diabetes Nephropathy
39% percentage-point under-coding of Cervical Cancer Screening
13% percentage-point under-coding of BP Control HTN

How MediQuire Helps Providers


More Accurate Reporting and Analysis
MediQuire's performance reporting takes into account information in free-text, checkbox, drop-down fields, and scanned documents within your EHR(s) when reporting on quality and coding performance. This addresses the serial under-coding and under-reporting of the quality of care provided. For FQHCs, MediQuire can automatically report on UDS performance measures reported annually to HRSA


Seamlessly Incorporate Quality Improvement Into Clinical Workflows
Your providers each get a single daily report highlighting actions needed for each patient, mapped back to the payer and grants each patient is covered under. Your clinic administrative staff can use MediQuire's Intelligent Registry to identify at-risk populations to bring back into the clinic to address known care gaps, thereby improving quality of care


Get Fair and Full Payments for Your Performance
MediQuire analyzes all relevant payer and government incentive programs and identifies which patients in your clinic are covered by what program, including those enrolled in your clinic who have never actually seen any of your providers. Our Pay-4-Performance Dashboard allows you to track each incentive program and identify and fix instances where coding under-represents the actual care provided, ensuring you get full and fair payments